Junction chaos concern grows

Honiton councillors discuss ‘horrendous’ access and traffic congestion at Turks Head junction.

Serious concerns have been raised regarding ‘horrendous’ access and traffic congestion at the Turks Head junction in Honiton.

The matter was raised during a meeting of Honiton Town Council on Monday night after it received a letter from a local business in the town.

A number of letters from residents and businesses have been submitted to the council highlighting problems at the junction.

The deputy mayor, Councillor Peter Halse, said it was very ‘serious situation’ and that with the arrival of more businesses in the area there was still not a ‘sensible intersection’ in place.

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“It is absolutely horrendous,” he added. “Then you come across, at certain times, horrendous traffic jams. Since these were foreseen I cannot understand why something has not been done about it.”

He said: “Not only is there a problem of access, there is pollution – the whole situation is totally unacceptable in a town like ours. Both roads at either end of the town have serious problems of access.”

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Cllr Halse also raised concerns about access at the other end of town near Monkton Road. Councillor John Zarczynski added: “The reality is the Turks Head junction should have been addressed at the time of Heathpark being built.”

He said cars get stuck trying to get out of Aldi and the garage with further congestion as vehicles come off the A30. Vehicles he said also get stuck in traffic on Exeter Road trying to get to the Heathpark Industrial Estate.

Cllr Zarczynski suggested that there should be two lanes for the traffic coming off the A30. He said: “This should have been addressed years ago.”

Councillor Vernon Whitlock said that he welcomed Aldi to the town but that a pedestrian crossing was needed.

East Devon District Council has identified development of the Turks Head junction as one of its highest priorities in its infrastructure list, which is part of the local plan.

Councillors have asked that Devon County Council and the Highways Agency be contacted to voice these concerns and get representatives to visit the site.

Concerns about the Turks Head junction and air pollution have been raised previously by the town council who had asked that no further development take place until congestion problems were resolved.

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