Just one Prawnetto

Seafood flavoured ice cream goes on sale in East Devon.

AN Axminster fishmonger has launched a new line in seafood flavoured ice cream.

And despite its unusual taste Simon Bennett is hoping to sell more than “just one…Prawnetto”.

So far he admits reaction to his prawn and smoked salmon ice has been “mixed”.

But Mr Bennett, who operates a fresh fish stall at Miller’s Farm Shop in Kilmington, is confident it will be a success.

He says it is a proven recipe and was once a hit with people taking the sea air in the posh French resort of Biarritz.

He said: “It was very popular there in the 1950s. I read about it in a book and though I’d have a go.

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“The ice cream is made from cherry tomatoes and then topped with smoke salmon and king prawns. We then add a spoonful of chopped chives – the savoury equivalent of a Cadbury’s flake!”

Mr Bennett has been test marketing his Prawnettos in traditional cones from his Old Watch House fish shop in Lyme Regis on Sundays for around

�2 a go.

He added: “ People who have tried it so far have had a mixed reaction.

“The trouble is your brain says one thing – like ‘no’! - but your taste buds say another - ‘that’s not bad’.”