Keep the noise down!

‘Fed up to the back teeth’.

In response to the letter in the last issue, Live and Let Live.

I couldn’t agree more with what the writer was saying. As someone who lives on the High Street very near a take-away, I’m fed up to the back teeth with the disgusting behaviour and the conversations that go on outside.

Why do people feel the need to shout everything? And that’s not all - I have witnessed fights inside the take-away, with the people who work in there not even batting a eyelid; they continue to serve customers.

I’ve also seen them stay open till 3.30am, when it states on the door that it is meant to close at 2.30am. I have spoken to the police about this lots of times and they do not seem to care.

I’m not saying that going out and having fun is wrong, but I think clubs and take-away could at lest help by telling their customers to keep the noise down.

Sal Denning

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