Kids have monster fun creating dinosaurs

Model of pre-historic Dimorphodon to go on show at Seaton

YOUNGSTERS enjoyed some monster fun creating dinosaurs during the Natural Seaton Festival.

They were shown how to make large 3-D models using cardboard and papier-m�ch� at a workshop run by local artist Darrell Wakelam.

Amongst their creations was a Dimorphodon which community group Seaton’s Voice have agreed to put on show at the town hall.

The successful festival – part of the coast-wide Earth festival – is set to become an annual event, a celebration of the resort’s natural wildlife and landscape.

Organisers, the Seaton Visitor Centre Trust, say their plans for a permanent base are now nearing fruition as part of East Devo9n District Council’s regeneration scheme for the town.

Spokeswoman Heather Sanham said: “The Trust has been working for many years towards the vision of a visitor/discovery centre in Seaton to provide a paramagnet centre that celebrates, through innovative and highly enjoyable discovery, exhibits and events, the natural wealth of the area.”

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