Killer black cat tracked down in Dalwood

Fynny may be a “hunting machine” but he’s no puma, say his owners

HE’S big, black and dangerous – and on the prowl in Dalwood.

Fynny is a formidable “hunting machine”, with a voracious appetite for wildlife.

This fearless feline stalks everything from rabbits to chickens - and once famously dragged a pheasant home through his cat flap.

Toads, snakes and pigeons are mere snacks.

But despite his killer instinct, Fynny’s owners want people to know he’s definitely NOT A PUMA!

They say their family cat has – somewhat understandably - been mistaken for a “black beast” by walker Allan Griffin, who photographed him while on a trip to Burrow Farm Gardens recently.

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The picture, featured in The Herald, showed the powerful animal lying in long grass, apparently stalking its prey.

Mr Griffin was convinced it was too large to be just a domestic cat and was restrained by his anxious wife from getting too close.

But when Chris Glasspool saw the photo he immediately recognised the “beast” as his children’s much loved pet.

He said: “It is unmistakably Fynny - not a Puma.

“Due to a recent house move, our cats are currently staying with my parents-in-law , Peter and Carol Major, at their house just below Burrow Farm Gardens.

“We have three black cats - Snuffy, Fluffy and Fynny. I believe that Fynny is captured in the photograph. He is about three years old, quite large and extremely adventurous.

“When stretched out - characteristically with legs out behind as shown in the article photo - he is about three feet long.

“Fynny is unlike any other cat - he is both extremely affectionate but also a fantastic hunter, regularly bringing home wild rabbits in the spring, so many in fact that we now keep count. The last, between April and June, stands at 32 - with a record five in one day.

“Fynny has caught rabbits, pigeons, snakes, fish, frogs, toads, a chicken and even managed to drag a pheasant through the cat flap.

“As a domesticated hunting machine he is unmatched, as a much loved pet he is unequalled. Although as tough and ruthless as a secret agent he regularly just needs a cuddle and always joins the children for a bedtime story.”

* The family say that using a high powered magnifying glass the mystery “black cat” in Mr Griffin’s photo can be seen wearing a silver tag just like Fynny’s. His missing tail - the result of a punch-up with a buzzard -

is also evident by the way he is lying.