Kilmington couple help African orphans

Selling home-made jam makes life a ittle sweeter for needy children

SELLING home-made jam and preserves from their doorstep has enabled a Kilmington couple to provide food and shelter for some 158 orphans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Iris and Lionel Quick have raised thousands of pounds to help needy African children, thanks to their village enterprise.

Last year the retired couple managed to send a total of �4,160 - an amount that also included donations. Last month they have again managed to send a further �750.

The orphanage caters for 158 children, ranging in age from three months to 19 years. The majority of these are orphaned as a result of Human Immune Deficiency Virus HIV and AIDS. Those old enough go to school do get a chance to do so and already 54 of the older children attend a secondary school nearby.

Speaking to The Midweek Herald, Iris and Lionel said they were greatly encouraged by the assistance from folks in and around Kilmington, without which it would have been very difficult for the orphanage to keep going.

Iris added: “We are so grateful to all who buy preserves from our stall here at Wellmead and at the local church group’s meetings where they collect five pence and other coins in the phials, and make donations from time to time.

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“Through the efforts of well-wishers the orphanage now has two cows, that provide milk and helps with nutrition, particularly for the younger ones, a small enterprise raising pigs for sale is also ongoing. There is also a cultivated area, which is under irrigation and helps supply vegetables, also four dormitories have been completed and furnished giving the children safe and comfortable accommodation.”

As the orphanage receives no help from the Tanzanian government, the support they get with the help of Iris and Lionel is what they use towards food, medication and school fees.