Kilmington cake maker rises to NHS challenge

Susie Gambie busy making scrubs. Picture supplied

Susie Gambie busy making scrubs. Picture supplied - Credit: Archant

A member of the medical team at Axminster surgery has dusted off her sewing machine to make scrubs for the NHS during her time in lockdown.

Susie Gambie runs a cake making business at her home in Kilmington - Creations by Susie - but also works part-time as a phlebotomist at Axminster Medical Practice.

In her job there she has been involved with patients and seen some of the turmoil the coronavirus has brought.

She said: “I’ve been busy making scrubs for hospital. It’s hard work but nothing compared to what NHS hospital staff are doing.

“I felt the need to do more to help so when I spotted a post on Facebook from The Love of Scrubs, I realised there was a mass shortage of scrubs everywhere.

“I’m no seamstress but decided I could do my bit by getting sewing.

“It has proved to be more hard work than I thought but I’m getting into a routine now.

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“I’ve had offers of help both from donations of cash for supplies and from others happy to sew.

“Axminster Power Tools donated £100 which bought enough fabric and other supplies to make 12 sets of scrubs, which was very kind of them. They have also provided protective equipment to our surgery.

“Making scrubs has definitely kept me busy. It has been a great opportunity to try and help fellow NHS staff who are very much in the thick of it.

“My first set of six went to Stoke Mandeville as there was a request there. I have another five nearly ready to go but they do take a little while even though I’ve got into a great routine.

“There are so many amazing people sewing individually and as part of groups. West Dorset Scrubbers set up just after I got my fabric so I may look to join them when I run out of supplies.

“Others have been directed to a Just Giving page that supplies volunteers with fabric to carry on the good work. The need for more scrubs, hats, laundry bags is massive. I just wish I could do more.