Know the speed limits?

Motorists found to be unclear about speed limits on county’s roads.

Police in Honiton are urging drivers to be clear about the speed limits on the county’s roads.

Many drivers stopped by the town’s neighbourhood policing team were unclear about the speeds they should be travelling particularly on dual carriageways. The speed limit on dual carriageways and motorways is 70mph for cars and motorcycles, and 60mph on single carriageways.

Cars towing caravans are required to stick to 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways and motorways. For goods vehicles, not exceeding 7.5tonnes, the limit is 50mph on single carriageways, 60mph on dual carriageways and 70mph on motorways. Goods vehicles exceeding 7.5tonnes should travel at 40mph on single carriageways, 50mph on dual carriageways and 60mph on motorways.

In built up areas with street lighting all vehicles are required to travel at 30mph.