Lastest fashion craze - from Honiton

Silly Bandz are expected to take the UK by storm.

A HONITON based company is set to be at the forefront of the latest fashion craze which gets set to hit the British shores this summer when they launch in the UK.

They’re tipped to be the hottest craze to hit Britain this summer and have already caused a storm in America.

Company Director of Launch Products Ltd, John Clarke, who is behind the launch of Silly Bandz, said: “…We knew just instantly that it would work here. I hope they will be big. I don’t know, I hope there will be a craze. I expect them to be.”

Silly Bandz are colourful wrist bands which come in the form of giraffes, cowboys and even drum kits and guitars. The silicone shapes will be sold in 10 themed packs containing 24 bands, which include pet animals, Rock n Roll and Sea Creatures.

Entrepreneurs Jeremy Woolf and John Clarke from Launch Products Ltd in Honiton spotted the bands on one of their trips to an American trade show.

The company identifies and introduces gift brands into the UK market and has introduced brands like Slanket and Viva Beads.

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When asked what it feels like to be standing on what could be the forefront of introducing the latest craze he said: “It’s a very exciting feeling to be in a situation where, potentially, the next big thing could be coming here from Honiton, which is a bit strange.”

“Some times you just see something and know it’s going to work. But some things don’t work.”

“With Silly Bandz it was just instant as soon as we saw it we thought we’ve got to have it.”

Silly Bandz have already been spotted on the arms of trendsetters and fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker and model Agyness Deyn.

John said Toys R Us has also tipped the bands to be the next big thing.

“The idea is that kids will go to the playground and swap with everyone and we’ll have people trading bands - that is the theory behind it.”

The brand has already had exposure on ITV show This Morning with Eamonn Holmes and in the national press.

When asked why the bands are so special, he said: “I just think the fun aspect, it’s very much a novelty, and very much like any other craze that happens to capture imaginations. Kids can swap with friends and it’s a social thing.”

“It’s a pocket money item, no batteries required and if they lose one its not a big thing like losing a (Nintendo) DS.” “I really hope from a business point of view that it really catches on.”

Although, for many parents the bands just scream another playground fad following on from earlier crazes like POGs, Pok�mon, Yo-Yo’s and many more which gather dust in a forgotten cupboard.

Silly Bandz will be hitting High Streets in the next few weeks and are currently being sold on internet site Firebox.Com, which is the first UK retailer to sell them.

Christian Robinson, Managing Director at, said: “They are our current best selling product and are literally flying off the shelves.”

Launch Products Ltd hope to meet its target of selling over a million packs before the end of the year. It has already 50,000 packs in the last two weeks.

Silly Bandz will be in stores soon - but only time will tell if this is just another silly fad.