Leaf misery in George Street

‘Give nuisance trees the chop’ say fed up residents.

Give them the chop! That’s the message Honiton residents are sending East Devon District Council over problem trees in a car park.

George Street neighbours Pat Solf and Lynette Selway say they have had enough of problems caused by ash and plane trees overhanging their back gardens and that they want at least one of the trees removed.

Mother-of-eight Mrs Solf, 86, who has lived in George Street for 57 years, says she can’t see her garden for leaves - no thanks to trees planted when Lace Walk car park was developed.

“They drop the whole year - not just in the autumn,” she said. “And it is not just leaves - seeds fall in my garden as well and I am forever picking out little trees, because they germinate.”

Mrs Solf says she has asked the council to remove the plane tree, but that her request was refused.

“I never see the sun any more and the trees are taller than my house. Goodness knows where the roots are going,” she told The Herald.

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“Nothing grows in my garden. They talk about human rights, but what about mine?”

Mrs Selway has lived in George Street for 15 years and shares Mrs Solf’s views.

“The leaves are a pain,” she said. “We’ve asked and we’ve asked and we’ve asked, but the council won’t listen. We even asked for the council to lop it off.”

Both Mrs Solf and Mrs Selway say they are disappointed a council representative has only viewed the trees from the car park - and not their back gardens.

Mrs Solf said: “They have never come into my garden. Instead, they stand the other side and say the trees are alright. We know that, we wouldn’t be complaining if they were dead!”

A spokesman for East Devon District Council told The Herald: “Officers are going to inspect the site to see if any works are appropriate.”