Leave behind the old - step into the new

Have the grace to change.

Over these past weeks I’ve got into the habit of sending my children off to school every morning with jumpers and raincoats. Today, bright and clear, they should’ve gone with suncream and sunhats, but I didn’t even consider that because I haven’t been used to sunshine.

In just a couple of weeks, I have got into one way of doing things.

Habits, bad and good, can be ingrained over months and years. Often the way, when and how of our life comes automatically. But the life of faith is meant to be different – the Bible talks of transformation and change, leaving behind the old and stepping into the new.

We can’t do this ourselves, though. Jesus says it’s like being ‘born again’ and “this is impossible for people, but not for God”. I pray we may all have the grace we need to change and be made new by God!

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