Leave Santa alone!

I could not believe Mr Marsden s letter, wanting the Christmas Honiton Round Table float stopped. Mr Marsden must be a fairly new resident to Honiton as this annual tradition has been in existence for around 40 years.

I could not believe Mr Marsden's letter, wanting the Christmas Honiton Round Table float stopped.

Mr Marsden must be a fairly new resident to Honiton as this annual tradition has been in existence for around 40 years.

It is loved and enjoyed by generations of Honiton children, including my own, and also adults who join in the festive spirit.

The float is greeted by masses of children eagerly looking forward to meeting Santa and giving him letters and having their photo taken with him.

Round Tablers give up their free time to go out in all weathers to entertain local children and to raise money for local organisations.

Too many traditions are being lost in this country and we, in Honiton, certainly do not want to lose this one.

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Well done Tablers, please keep up the good work.

Chris Guthrie


n Oh dear, oh dear. I see the spirit of christmas is alive and well in Biddington Way.

The Round Table float is "tacky and noisy", according to Chris Marsden.

Well I am sorry, but the float collects for charity. and it's been in Honiton long before Biddington Way was built.

It's Christmas. Perhaps you could loosen up on your children and actually let them see the float.

Finally, if you don't like noise, don't live on a housing estate.

By the way, merry Christmas, and don't forget goodwill to all men, especially the people operating that float in the dark and cold for charity.

J Tucker

Wells Avenue


I think the Round Table has been brilliant in Honiton at Christmas.

They come out in cold weather and do a fantastic job, and I hope they continue for my grandchildren and great-grand children

Christine Blackmore

Queen Street


I think it's awful that the Round Table's Christmas float has had a complaint.

I know the music is a little loud, but it has to be loud so people living in cul-de-sacs know they are on the main road.

It is only Christmas once a year. Some people seriously need to get some Christmas spirit.

So many children love the float; it's magical for them.

As usual, a few people want to ruin something harmless for everyone!

Julie Pearce


What a miserable, drab world we would all live in if Chris Marsden from Honiton had their way.

Complaining that the Round Table Christmas float is tacky, noisy, and a horrendous activity, must surely mark this person out as an absolute killjoy.

To get things in perspective, this is only one night in the year, hardly a big distraction to cause such a letter.

Money, of course, is raised for good causes, and many of us are delighted to see the Santa float. I am counting my blessings not to be spending Christmas Day with this person!

Scrooge really is alive and well.

Margi Blackmore


This "noise pollution", as you so nicely worded it, happens once a year.

The Round Table work hard all year through and give up their own time to do this for our children.

Judging by your comments, I find it very hard to believe you have children of your own.

My children and I are all looking forward to the Round Table Santa's visit.

Keep up the good work!

M Madge

Woodmans Crescent


I would like to say a few words to the guy who complained about the "noise pollution", as he called it, from the Round Table Chritmas float.

For goodness sake, Chris, it's only once a year and, when they come round, I don't suppose it's for more than 15 minutes or half and hour, at the most, that you hear them.

Where's your Christmas spirit?

They have been doing it every year for as long as I can remember and I can't remember anyone ever complaining before.

My kids used to look forward to them coming round, as it meant Christmas wasn't too far away, to them.

They are now 40 and 38 and my daughter is looking forward to her young son seeing the float.

Jane Shepard



I think it is worth saying that the Round Table is a hard-working organisation that is supporting many charities in the town and that the once-a-year event is just the tip of the iceberg, but which is enjoyed by my family and many others.

I would like to thank all members as their efforts are much appreciated.

Long may the float continue.

Cllr David Foster

Roundball Close


Scrooge lives! Apparently at Biddington Way, Honiton.

I really hope Chris Marsden was joking in his/her letter regarding the noisy, tacky Round Table Christmas float, but I suspect they were not.

Come on, this is once a year, raising money for good causes and is probably outside your property for all of five minutes.

I have three words for you - get a life!

Bah humbug.

Theresa Stockman

Axminster Road, Musbury

Oh dear, oh dear... it seems the person who described the Round Table Christmas float as "horrendous", "tacky" and "noisy" needs a dose of Christmas spirit.

I am in complete support of the float.

My children, who have been aware of the float from babies through to their teenage years, have always looked forward to it.

This lovely tradition brings together neighbours and a sense of community spirit that sometimes seems lacking in our busy lives, and the giving to a local cause brings us back to the true meaning of Christmas.

Long may it continue, and a huge thank you to the Round Table volunteers for giving up their time and giving the children in our community a touch of Christmas magic.

Frances Lemmer

Banfield Way