Legacy transforms fortunes of Allhallows Museum

Money left in will of former London woman provides �160,000 boost to Honiton attraction.

A LEGACY has “truly transformed” the finances of Allhallows Museum.

Addressing the museum’s annual meeting, chairman Pat Perryman revealed internationally known lace maker and teacher Margaret Susans, formerly of London, had left Allhallows a share of her estate.

A sum of �60,000 had already been received, with a further �100,000 to come.

Treasurer Howard Foss said: “This has truly transformed our financial situation and we need to ensure it safeguards the museum for the future.”

By far the biggest expenditure over the past year had been the cost of repairing and redecorating the museum, as well as major work to part of the roof.

“We had that work done because we could afford it,” said Mr Foss.

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“The new roof tiles are made of recycled Welsh slate and will, hopefully, see us all out and more.”

Mrs Perryman said, thanks to the legacy, the museum had been able to purchase items it would normally only be able to dream of owning.

Wallis Simpson’s three-piece nightie set and a Marie Antoinette flounce from the Spencer family’s estate were cited as among the items, along with a particularly exquisite Christening gown.