Let's be positive about Seaton

Seaton is going through difficult times but the whole country is facing a tough economic climate.

Seaton is going through difficult times but the whole country is facing a tough economic climate.Governments and councils are cost cutting and the TIC has been vulnerable for some time. I would agree with Heather Sanham that the work of the TIC is as pressing as ever. I have also noted that if the Sainsbury plans are accepted, the TIC and Visitor centre will have a prominent position within the exciting new development.We, as a business, have supported the TIC. Not only to promote our own business, but also for the value it brings to the town in terms of a positive experience for the visitor. In the present climate, guests are seeking value for money but they also want quality. H Sanham asks what our struggling B and Bs think. I am not aware that all B and Bs are struggling. It is only the second month of the season and, at present, our business is better than previous years and bookings and enquiries are bouyant. We have had Mariners for five years and, amidst lots of negative talk and talking down of Seaton by the doom-mongers, eg Seaton is Dead as a Tourist destination, we have continued to invest in the business. We have seen business increase each year with both new visitors and returning guests still enjoying a break or longer holiday. As a town, we need to meet guests expectations. We are, after all, a Gateway Town to the Jurassic coast - a world heritage site. It is inconceivable that guests arrive in our area to find a closed information centre. We do have to ride out the current climate by offering the best we can. Enough of this negativity, let's keep Seaton looking open for business and remember we are a tourist destination. Keep the TIC. The staff who work there are often the first port of call for visitors new to the area .Pat BoothMariners East WalkSeaton