Letter was like a breath of fresh air

I m sure I m not the only one who found the letter from Chris Byrne-Jones like a breath of fresh air!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who found the letter from Chris Byrne-Jones like a breath of fresh air!

I hope people will respond by doing as he suggests and giving full support to the local businesses and organisations, and making Seaton the thriving town it was when I moved here in 1939 - with barely half the population of today!

Three names are still the same - Norcombe's Garage (still run by the family - well done!), Clapp's Taxis and Ackerman's.

My father came with his family every summer in the late 1800s and stayed at Cliff House (later Cliff Hotel and now Washington House flats). They were met at Seaton Station by Clapp's horse-drawn carriage.

I recall him telling me that, in 1897, he was given a penknife, bought at Ackerman's, and cut his finger with it. He was bandaged up at Gosney's Chemist, which was later Hinton Lake (manager, Mr John Browett) and now Byrne-Jones!

I hear that the Seaton and District Show (dating back to 1887) needs a new Secretary to survive.

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Surely, there is someone who can fill the post and save another organisation from closure?

Adrian Norcombe is the chairman and now is time to support him in his voluntary post as the family has looked after Seaton interests all these years.

Finally, I would like to say how splendid it is to have the Reverend Alastair McCollum's Thought for the Week.

Daphne Harman Young


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