Lib Dems want Tories out of power at Knowle

‘Excessive dominance’ claim

On May 5 there will be elections to East Devon District Council. We believe that not only does it matter, but it matters more than ever.

The Coalition Government is starting to give back serious power to local authorities. Good councillors will be much more important than has been the case.

Politicians often say it is time for a change and here it is clearly true. East Devon District Council has been ruled by one party for decades.

It has become remote and inept, as its bizarre plan to concrete over the district shows.

This isn’t purely a partisan criticism of the present Conservative rulers. Any party in total charge for this long would let power go to its head. After all, if you don’t have to hear anyone else’s point of view, eventually you stop listening.

Under the present voting system the Liberal Democrats are the only serious opposition to the Conservatives in our part of the world and we, therefore, accept some of the responsibility for their excessive dominance . We freely admit that we haven’t had enough candidates to properly contest every area. We face the same challenge this time.

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That’s why we are urging people who would be interested in standing to get in touch as soon as possible, either by phone or email.

You can help us make sure the council starts listening again, and to make it a fair fight.

This opportunity comes only once in four years. Stand up and be counted now.

Dr Jon Underwood

Parliamentary Spokesman

Liberal Democrats