Life at Axminster’s Millwey Rise ‘Camp’ - part two

Nissen Huts to Houses by Dick Sturch

Nissen Huts to Houses by Dick Sturch - Credit: Archant

Dick Sturch concludes his account of his early life on the Axminster housing estate, this time reflecting on the 1950s

Author Dick Sturch has published a follow up to his popular account of life in ‘The Camp’ at Millwey Rise, Axminster, immediately after it was vacated as a World War Two US military hospital.

“Nissen huts to Houses” is the concluding episode, covering the period from 1953 until 1960.

Said Dick: “This was a period that saw tremendous change, not only in my immediate surroundings but throughout the country. It was an exciting time to have lived through. Improved housing, facilities, income and communications all contributed to a renewed feeling of wellbeing and optimism.”

The book covers the demolition of ‘The Camp’ - the construction of today`s Millwey Rise; Dick’s time at Colyton Grammar School; the formation of Millwey Rise Football Club in 1958; Rock n` Roll, Skiffle; The “Trout Inn” plus a look at other aspects of life during the 1950s. It also contains some rare photographs of the time.

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“Nissen huts to Houses” is available now at the Archway Bookshop, Axminster and Central Stores Millwey Rise.

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