Life turns sour for Colyton milk bottle thief

Police believe they have finally tracked down the person behind the missing pintas mystery

POLICE believe they may finally have tracked down Colyton’s milk bottle thief.

More pintas were taken from doorsteps in the Courtenay Drive and Queen’s Court areas last month.

But officers believe they may have identified the culprit.

Pc Steve Speariett said: “We have taken positive action against an individual who was served a harassment notice, since then there have not been any further reports.”

Overall recorded crime in the rural communities around Seaton was 40 down last month on the same period last year – from 25 to 15.

PC Speariett said: “It is pleasing to see a drop in crime for August which traditionally has been a busy month due to school holidays and the influx of visitors.

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“We have also continued making high visibility patrols to areas highlighted where anti-social issues have occurred, one of these being St Andrew’s shelter in Colyton. As a result of this one local male was found sat in the shelter and when searched was found to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis for which he received a warning.

“Beer saw a large drop in crime compared to last year - down from 11 to no crime - which considering the regatta week was held at the beginning of August is excellent news.

“As a result of the break in to the farm in Branscombe we have now installed a number of farm alarms at different locations and villages.”

Crime figures last month were:

Axmouth - two crimes, Beer – none , Branscombe – three, Colyton – eight, Farway – none, Northeigh – none, Rousdon and Combpyne – none.