Limousines that shouldn't be going to the ball

POLICE seized a stretch limousine during a joint operation with East Devon District Council s licensing service.

POLICE seized a stretch limousine during a joint operation with East Devon District Council's licensing service.

Officers were not satisfied that the driver's licence and insurance details covered the vehicle, which was stopped on the night of a college prom.

East Devon District Council says increased popularity of novelty-type vehicles being offered by operators to transport passengers, including students and school children, on nights out is of increasing concern to those responsible for ensuring driver and vehicle safety.

Of 13 vehicles stocked, 12 were found to be in breach of regulations.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Similar operations have been carried out in recent weeks in other parts of Devon.

"Care was taken to ensure that the operation did not affect the youngsters attending the ball and those vehicles identified for further investigation were only pulled aside for inspection once they had dropped off their passengers."

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Also involved in the operation were officers from the Vehicle and Operators Services Agency (VOSA), the Department of Work and Pensions, the council's revenues and benefits rraud team and HM Revenue and Customs.

A total of 13 vehicles, including five stretch limousines, were pulled into EDDC's Camperdown depot to be checked by a team of officers including five VOSA vehicle inspectors.

Some of the results are still being evaluated, but five drivers were issued with immediate prohibition notices for a range of vehicle defects including a serious suspension fault.

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