Load of trouble for Brainwave

Loading restrictions in New Street hindering charity’s efforts to service its shop, says retail manager.

A charity says loading restrictions in New Street, Honiton, are seriously hindering efforts to service its shop.

Paul Evans, of Brainwave, received a parking ticket while unloading goods outside the shop and claims he regularly has to drive around the block two or three times to find a convenient parking space - and then call on the help of elderly volunteers to assist him.

“Not being able to load or unload in New Street during business hours is causing us trouble,” he told the Midweek Herald.

“Many of our volunteers are elderly and they just cannot manage to walk distances carrying goods.

“I got a parking ticket, but I’m not worried because my priority is to service the shop.

“I don’t know how businesses are surviving.”

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Mr Evans, Brainwave’s retail manager, said he considered asking for the parking ticket matter to be taken to court but, ultimately, decided it would only end up costing the charity more money.

“I was tempted to take it to court. I want to stand on a soap box and tell the world,” he said.

The Brainwave van services charity shops across the district, including Seaton and Colyton. “It is out on a round trip,” said Mr Evans. “Now it is a struggle to find somewhere to park in Honiton and we are having to drive around.”

Devon County Council has offered to find a site in New Street suitable for a loading bay, but Mr Evans said limited loading should be allowed outside business premises.

The Midweek Herald can reveal that an area near New Street Corner is being proposed as a suitable location for the loading bay.

A spokesman for Devon county Council said: ““We were asked by the town council to address a problem caused by vehicles delivering to shops along New Street, which were obstructing traffic and causing congestion.

“Introducing a loading restriction, although welcomed by the public, was criticised by shop owners and so we suggested provision of a loading bay for shops to use for deliveries.

“The suggested bay would be sited at a wide part of the road near the High Street end that would not cause congestion or cause inconvenience .

“We understand Brainwave’s concerns, but we will have to consider other comments received as part of this consultation process.”