Local Labour Party members will challenge cutbacks

Vernon Whitlock appointed chairman of the constituency.

THE new chairman of Tiverton and Honiton Constituency Labour Party says members will challenge dramatic cuts to public services.

Vernon Whitlock, who replaces long-serving Alf Boom, said: “With approximately 25 per cent of local jobs in public services, deep and immediate cuts will effect many families and communities.

“Whilst it is evident that reductions in spending must be made, the scale proposed on top of dramatic, ill thought through, re-organisations in public services, such as the NHS, must be challenged.”

During a constituency meeting last Thursday, members welcomed the election of Ed Miliband as Labour’s leader.

Mr Whitlock said: “Although the constituency group had voted to support David Miliband this was by only one vote.

“There was overwhelming support for the new leader.”

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Members have also welcomed the appointment of Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor.

They believe he is an experienced minister and someone from an ordinary background and understands what life is like for working people.

“I am sure he will prove an effective opposition to George Osborne, who comes from a very different, privileged background,” said Mr Whitlock.