Lucky escape for teens after dinghy sinks

Two boys hospitalised.

Two teenagers from Honiton had a lucky escape after their dinghy sank near Seaton.

The boys were rescued one-mile off shore on Friday at 3.02pm by crewmen from Lyme Regis lifeboat and had been in the water for a considerable time.

Helmsman Brian Street from Lyme Regis Lifeboat crew said:”The boys were in a bad way, clearly suffering from the effects of the cold, and if we had not found them when we did the outcome could have been very different.

“They were clinging to the wreckage of their burst inflatable.”

The boys had been reported missing from Axmouth, Devon, and were spotted with binoculars by lifeboat crew member Grace Wadsworth, 20miles off the coast.

The Lyme Regis lifeboat, Spirit of Loch Fyne, had just finished performing a safety routine for the RAF Falcons parachute team, who were talking part on the sixth day of the town’s Lifeboat Week, when the alarm was raised.

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After being rescued the boys, who were suffering from hypothermic shock, were taken by the lifeboat to Seaton where they were met by coastguards from Beer and an ambulance.

The teenagers were taken to hospital.