Lyme lifeboat’s unusual SOS

RNLI officials need help to count their money

RNLI officials at Lyme Regis have sent out an SOS – to stop two volunteers sinking beneath a pile of coins.

Denis and Gwyneth Barker desperately need a money-counting machine to help them bag up collections during lifeboat week.

The couple face having to handle some �15,000 during the festivities, in July – most of it in coins.

The cash-counting machine they used in 2009 went for scrap and the one they borrowed last year is not available this time.

Gwyneth said: ”We are absolutely desperate. If anyone knows of a machine that we could use just for the week we would be delighted.

“The thought of having to count thousands and thousands of coins by hand is a nightmare.

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“As a charity we can’t afford to buy a new machine. The sort of thing we need counts the money into manageable sums which are then bagged ready to take to the bank.”

Anyone who can help should contact the couple on 07974 268504.

Lifeboat week starts on July 23 – with a display by The Red Arrows.