Lyme lifeguard races to help kayaker

Super-fit triathlete Sarah swims and runs to rescue man who fell from his boat

A LYME Regis RNLI lifeguard raced into action on Saturday to rescue a 58-year-old man who had fallen from his kayak off Monmouth Beach.

Triathlete Sarah Sedcole ran 500 metres and then swam 300metres to help the victim.

The incident happened when the town and beaches were packed with holidaymakers waiting for the start of the day’s lifeboat week events, including the bathtub race.

Sarah, 23, who set off from the lifeguard station, on the main beach, found the man clinging to his kayak.

Afterwards she said: “I chatted to him – he had a lifejacket – and when the lifeboat arrived he said he was happy to swim with me to the shore while the lifeboat crew collected his kayak. He was fine once we got ashore.”

The RNLI lifeboat was alerted by coastguards at 3pm. Two of the crew, Tim Edwards and Ritchie Durrant, took part in the bathtub race just an hour after returning from the incident to the station.

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The lifeboat crew came 5th out of a record 20 entries in the event.