Lyme school’s Cabaret is another sell-out success

Talented Woodroffe School pupils put on a great show

“COME to the cabaret” was the invitation from Woodroffe School last week – and it was an offer eagerly accepted.

Tickets for all three shows were sold out well in advance, raising over �3,000.

Half the money will go to charity, while the remainder will allow the dynamic music department at the Lyme comprehensive to encourage Cabaret stars of the future.

Producer Kathy Elliott, together with her team of Sixth form Mentors, Alex Dobson, Rhys Paterson and Georgia Robson, spent four month preparing the spectacular show.

Compered by Alan Brown, the Jazz Band directed by Jon Cullimore, opened the show with three vibrant numbers.

After Mia Rose, a Year 7 student, sang a solo with remarkable confidence, new performer Nathan Porter then sang a solo with his own guitar accompaniment. There was then a change in pace with a colourful and amusing aerobic workout performed by Chloe and Sebastian.

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A charming vocal quartet by Year 8 students followed. Kathy Elliott then sang ‘Landslide’ accompanied by Mentor and talented guitarist, Alex Dobson. Connor Jones, again a new performer, played his own composition on the piano before an impressive street dance performed by Jamie Jeffery and Taylor Hamblett-Weavering. Two more vocal acts followed – Yaz Murfin sang a solo followed by an entertaining duet performance from Amy Street and Laura Taylor. The first half ended with a visually and rhythmically dramatic performance by the Samba band.

After being refreshed by Cabaret cocktails and a tribute paid by producer Kathy Elliott to the dedicated Mentor team, the second half began with a band fronted by the very talented Luke Street. He sang ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ in a cleverly conceived variety of musical styles. Newcomer Polly Rodin then sang a solo to her own piano accompaniment. Normally heard singing with his brothers in the band ‘Wise Intentions’, Robert James sang a song he had written himself.

Another band followed, this time from Year 11. Despite the illness of the lead singer, the band was able to perform thanks to Robert James who stepped in at the last minute. The audience thoroughly enjoyed listening to a soulful solo performed by James Dean, with backing singers Cat Butler and Celia Cruwys-Finnigan.

Anyone who was lucky enough to see last year’s Cabaret would have eagerly anticipated the comedy sketch written and performed by the same group of Upper Sixth students. The audience, alive with laughter, was not disappointed!

A beautiful vocal duet with piano accompaniment performed by brother and sister Ellie and Ollie Harris was followed by a cleverly choreographed dance by a group of Year 10 students.

One of the many highlights of the evening was an Acapella act performed by six Lower and Upper Sixth students including all three Cabaret Mentors. This act combined skilful musicianship, excellent comic timing and a tear-jerking ending.

After Cabaret regular Ian Wood had sung, supported by peripatetic guitar teacher Kevin Butt, the show ended in style with, as many agreed, the best ever Sixth form dance choreographed by Harriet Secrett assisted by Cat Butler. The clear enjoyment, vitality and camaraderie amongst these performers, soon to leave the school, were evident throughout.

Always a key to the success of the show are those ‘behind the scenes’. Many students worked as part of the backstage crew, the sound crew led by Jon Cullimore, the lighting crew, the filming team and the photography team. Other students provided the Cabaret cocktails and another designed the poster and tickets.