Lyme students visit “stunning” Paris

The entente was extremely cordial when Woodroffe youngsters toured the French capital

LANGUAGE students from The Woodroffe School got to buff up their French on a trip to Paris.

Led by teacher Kathy Elliott, 69 Year 7 pupils enjoyed a sunny boat cruise along the Seine, a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower and a tour around the city’s historic landmarks.

They also spent a very happy day at Parc Ast�rix, enjoying all the rides.

The children were given lots of opportunity to practise what they had had been learning back in the classroom - so with the confidence of seasoned travellers, they were ordering drinks and snacks, asking for directions and amazing the hotel staff with their happy greetings every morning. At the end of the trip, prizes were awarded to the students who had made the most of the experience.”

Student James Jobson said for him one word summed up the trip – “fantastic” – and the general opinion was that Paris was “beautiful, amazing and stunning”.