Lyme thinks twinning plan is a “tres bon” idea

Residents turn out to back formal link with the French seaside town of Barfleur

LYME Regis Guildhall took on a decidedly Gallic flavour as residents turned out to back French twinning plans.

Pate, Brie and wine were on the menu at a public meeting to discuss moves for a formal link with the seaside town of Barfleur, in Normandy.

Twinning Association chairman John Dover said: ”Twinning is not just about committees visiting their opposite numbers. It is about individuals, groups and organisations working together to bring about vibrant, interesting and self-sustaining activities and exchanges which make a difference and enhance our respective communities.”

Mr Dover said that since the first exploratory meeting, in August 2010, there had been two outward visits to Barfleur and one visit from the French.

He said that the committee were trying to organise a visit to Barfleur in the early summer to formalise the twinning. The Barfleurais would then hope to visit Lyme Regis to carry out the formal twinning on this side of the Channel, possibly at the end of August.

Future events in which the twinning association may get involved included a French/English food festival, the Jubilee parade, and a possible Bastille Day visit to Barfleur.

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Mr Dover added he hoped young people would also become involved, forging links with their counterparts in Barfleur in such activities as the sailing club, the gig club, lifeboat, tennis and possibly the town band.

A number of new members joined the association during the evening, and a video shot by the deputy mayor of Barfleur, Michel Mauger, was screened.

Photo by Richard Horobin