MADNESS: Drivers dicing with death at Dunkeswell Airfield

Police seize van after driver caught doing handbrake turns on snow covered runway. Runway lights damaged and windows smashed.

POLICE have seized a Vauxhall Vivaro van after its driver was caught doing handbrake turns on the snow-covered runway at Dunkeswell Airfield

Officers, who responded to reports of anti-social driving at the airfield at around 9.30pm on Saturday night, discovered the driver, from Bridport, had previously been issued with a warning about his driving.

The offence he committed on the runway was driving other than on a road and causing alarm, distress and annoyance to the landowner.

The offender will have to pay a recovery fee of �105 and �12 storage per day, as well as being reported to court.

A police spokesman said: “This is a warning to all drivers that police and the landowners at Dunkeswell Airfield and the surrounding industrial estates will not tolerate anti-social driving at any time, especially during these cold, icy conditions.

“The landowner of the airfield has suffered damage to the strip lights on the runway. Also, a business owner had two windows smashed due to grit and gravel being thrown up by the wheels on the motor vehicles and hitting the glass.

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“This driver was identified by using CCTV on the industrial estate and will pay �200 towards the damage caused.”