Man caught short with drugs under his car

Police seize hidden amphetamines.

A former Axminster man has been given a chance to get his life back on track after being found in possession of amphetamines.

Colin Alexander Lindsay, of St Gregory’s Court, in Seaton, pleaded guilty to possessing 76.18g of class B drugs when he appeared at Central Devon Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

He also pleaded guilty to being in breach of a conditional discharge.

The court heard that suspicions were raised after police, patrolling the area between Colyton and Wilmington on October 9, came across the 42-year-old’s car, which was parked near the entrance of the Sutton Barton recycling centre.

Officers noticed the boot was raised and spoke to the defendant and passengers present.

Lindsay told police he had stopped there to “take a pee in the hedge”.

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On conducting a search, police found a clear bag containing a white powder hidden under the car, which, on analysis, was found to be amphetamine.

During a formal interview, Lindsay said the drugs belonged to another person and he had thrown the drugs under the car when he was at the recycling centre. The drugs were found to have a purity of two per cent and estimated to have a street value of less than �200.

Stuart Nunn, defending, said Lindsay had tried to hide drugs that didn’t belong to him.

He added: “This was a small amount in terms of value.”

He told the court that Lindsay was now “motivated to keep off drugs, not only for himself but for his health”.

Lindsay was given a supervision order for 12 months and a drug rehabilitation requirement for nine months.

The court ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.