Man ejected from pub after pint glass attack

AN AXMINSTER man chipped his ex-partner s teeth after he hit her in the face with a glass, a court heard.

AN AXMINSTER man chipped his ex-partner's teeth after he hit her in the face with a glass, a court heard.

Sean Edmund William Parkhouse, 40, pleaded guilty to assaulting Louise Popovic in the Castle Inn, on November 14.

The court heard Parkhouse went outside for a cigarette at about 10pm, and he and Miss Popovic exchanged words. He went back into the pub alone, they spoke, and she described how she felt his pint glass hit her face and teeth.

The right front and incisor teeth were chipped, and Parkhouse was thrown out of the pub.

In police interview, he said he had half a bottle of wine and a couple of pints of Guinness, but did not describe himself as drunk.

He said it was his intention to throw the drink over her, and the glass had then made contact with her face.

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The court heard there had been previous domestic incidents between the couple, who had been together for about 18 months, and they split up.

In a statement, Miss Popovic wrote: "I want him to be clear that it's over.

"I want him to leave me alone or at least be civil."

In mitigation, Vanessa Francis said Parkhouse, from Willhayes Park, had not been in trouble since his early 20s and was remorseful for his actions.

She said: "The background is Miss Popovic and Mr Parkhouse had a relationship that ended a little while ago, but the breakdown has been tempestuous and not without its arguments."

She said there had been incidents where the police had been called out and both Parkhouse and Miss Popovic had been at fault, but matters were not taken any further.

She explained that, on the night in question, Miss Popovic had started to talk to Parkhouse - and that she had been advancing as Parkhouse went to throw the drink.

She said: "This was a spur of the moment reckless action."

She said Parkhouse accepted responsibility and would pay for the cost to repair Miss Popovic's teeth.

The case was adjourned for a probation report and Parkhouse is expected to return to Central Devon Magistrates' Court on March 3. He was released on bail, on the condition he does not contact Miss Popovic.