Man killed ex-partner before committing suicide

Coroner records verdicts of unlawful killing and suicide.

A MAN killed his former partner before committing suicide, a coroner has ruled today (Friday).

Verdicts of suicide and unlawful killing were recorded following inquest into two deaths in Aylesbeare.

Dr Elizabeth Earland, the coroner for Exeter, Devon and District, recorded a verdict of suicide in the case of Paul Green, who was found dead in his home with his former partner, Claire Louise White, on April 19, 2010.

The bodies were found in the downstairs toilet of the property, in Oak Road, where they had sustained stab wounds.

The court heard that Mr Green and Miss White, who had previously been together for 20 years, had met that night to discuss matters following their separation.

Before meeting with Green, White dropped her boyfriend, Keith Bailey, at Exeter Service Station, where he waited for her to return.

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In a statement from Mr Bailey, which was read out at the inquest, he said that he waited for around three hours and grew concerned after he was unable to contact Miss White on her mobile phone, so contacted her friend and work colleague Alison Baker.

Together they drove to Mr Green’s property and contacted the police.

In a report read, out at the inquest, pathologist Dr Russell Delaney, said both Mr Green and Miss White died as a result of their injuries.

He said: “The stab wounds could have been caused by a knife, such as the one found next to the body.

“Having considered all the information, I am of the opinion that Paul Green died as a result of stab wounds to the abdomen. Ischemic heart disease was a contributory factor, but not a cause.

“His overall injuries are in keeping with self infliction and there were no defence wounds like Claire White had.”

He also told the court that there was no evidence to suggest that there was any other person involved in the incident.

Dr Earland said: “I am satisfied that some time after 6.30pm on April 19, 2010, Paul Green stabbed himself with a kitchen knife in the down stairs toilet, which occurred during the course of a domestic argument. I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that he intended this action so the verdict is suicide.”

With regard to Green’s former partner, who was 48-years-old at the time of her death, Dr Earland returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

Dr Earland added: “The cause of death was stab wounds to the neck and chest. I am satisfied that some time after 18.30 hours on April 19, 2010, Claire White was repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife in the downstairs toilet by an assailant, who was known to her, during the course of a domestic argument. I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt and, therefore, give a verdict of unlawful killing.”