Margaret doesn’t understand opposition

Honiton has wanted a community centre for 20 years.

I have been puzzled by some recent letters in the press the Honiton Community Centre Association.

Honitonians have been saying for at least 20 years that they want a community centre. I believe them. Which is why I am a member and a trustee of the charity committed to raising funds to build the place.

In the light of advice given by the Charity Commissioners several years ago the trustees thought it inappropriate to continue to seek funds until the major issues of land and external funding had been sorted out. We therefore put the Honiton Community Centre Association on hold. That is how the returns to the Charity Commissioners got overlooked : and I am personally grateful that this has been drawn to our attention. It has been attended to and the 2010 Annual Return is now on the website.

But fear not! The �3,000 or so that the HCCA already has in hand is safely tucked up in the bank. It is available for use as soon as it is required. And once the project is officially under way we can get to work on fundraising again.

What I don’t understand is the opposition. Why don’t you want Honiton to have a community centre? Both Seaton and Axminster have and Sidmouth’s is in the final stages of building. We have seen what the people of Offwell and Payhembury can do. Why not the people of Honiton?

Honiton is a living, breathing market town, full of interesting people. Why should it not have a centre available to all community groups and including cinema facilities? Why should we have to go out of town for our night life? Where is your vision and your pride in our town? Not only for ourselves for but for our young and their futures?

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Mrs Margaret Mundie

Fairfield Gardens