May celebrates 100 years

Seaton resident gets two special birthday messages.

Football fan May celebrated her 100th birthday in style - surrounded by her family and friends.

May Manville, who has lived in Seaton since 1995, was treated to a special party and music at Netherhayes Care Home where she now lives.

It was an extra-special day for May who received not only a special message from Her Majesty the Queen but also a signed picture from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

She has been a keen Arsenal supporter since 1935 and was also presented with a signed team shirt by her family.

May was born on May 19, 1912, in Islington, London, and was the second of five children.

In 1935 she married Edwin (Ted) Manville and went on to have three children Rex, Susan and Stephen.

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Her husband, Ted, worked as a wireman at the Nestle hairdressing appliance factory, which was owned by the Prichard brothers Sidney and Stanley - who later created the Peco model railway brand.

During World War Two, May and her family had a lucky escape after their house was destroyed in a bomb blast forcing them to move into temporary lodgings.

The family later moved to Branscombe after the Prichard brothers relocated their factory to the village in 1941.

By the end of the war, the family had grown to like the quiet village life and decided to stay in Devon and later moved to the Beehive Cottage in Branscombe.

To this day, May still sticks to a strict daily schedule and remains dedicated to trying to win the Lottery.

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