Message to Tesco car vandal

Police inquiries continuing, but victim is devastated.

To the man who very kindly vandalised my car On the 1st April in Tesco car park, Honiton...

As I got out of my car, the wind caught my door which very lightly tapped the car next to me.

An elderly couple were in the car and I, straightaway, apologised to the man. He came and checked his car and did not say a word to me. There was only a minute scratch on his car - you needed a magnifying glass to see it.

We walked towards Tesco, but stopped in the entrance as we noticed him acting suspiciously near my car.

This man then proceeded to scratch, with a sharp object, down the left side of my car. We saw him do it but, by the time we got to my car, he had gone.

We would just like to say to the man what a very childish, immature, nasty thing to do for a grown man. You have caused nearly �400 of damage to my car.

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We will recognise your car again, as we are in Tesco most days.

I will then take your registration straight to the police.

I have already reported it and they are continuing their enquires and looking at CCTV images at Tesco.

I hope the man in question reads this letter and can feel some kind of remorse, but then, I guess, you won’t as you are that kind of a nasty person.

A very angry Honiton resident