METERS: Double-edged sword for Seaton

Now that plans to introduce on-street parking charges in Honiton have been put on hold, Seaton’s mayor would like to see charges already introduced there relaxed over the winter months.

A DEVON County Council U-turn over the introduction of on-street parking charges in Honiton will not affect Seaton - where the meters have already been installed.

The resort’s mayor, Councillor Bob Palacio, accepts the meters have had a beneficial impact in reducing the mis-use of seafront parking spaces. However, he would like to see charges relaxed in the winter months.

“I think Seaton has been a little bit unfairly treated,” he told the Midweek Herald.

“But it is a two-edged sword in Seaton.

“We now know all the people parked on the seafront are visitors to the town.

“Before the meters, a lot of them were residents or those visiting residents on the seafront.”

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Councillor Palacio added: “I’ve got mixed feelings about the meters. What some people see as having a detrimental effect could be of benefit.

“But I do think the charges should be relaxed in the winter months.”

Seaton resident Marilyn Coates has contacted the Midweek Herald today to complain about meters being left in the resort.

She said: “Parking meters are not going to be installed in Sidmouth, Axminster or Honiton, but they are going to be left in Seaton.

“We were given no choice - just told when they were going to be installed and that they would be in use all year.

“No amount of pleading for summer use only, or that Seaton didn’t need them - it would be another nail in the coffin for Seaton - worked.

“All reasons fell on deaf ears.

“Now the final humiliation - everyone else gets away with it. Seatonians still pay the highest council tax, more than all the others, for absolutely nothing. It’s a disgrace.”

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