Moo-ving tale of a messy cow

Attempts to find the owners of the Axminster statue - branded a mossy mess - have drawn a blank

ATTEMPTS to trace the owners of a concrete cow, branded a mossy mess by Axminster residents, have drawn a blank.

Apparently they’ve moo-ved - with no forwarding address for bills.

The statue of the animal and its drover is a striking feature on the town centre walkway to Tesco.

But the years have taken their toll and it is now in desperate need of a clean up.

Unfortunately no-one, it seems, is prepared to accept responsibility for its upkeep.

Town and district councillor Douglas Hull says he has spent many frustrating hours trying to find someone prepared to pick up the cleaning bill.

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He took up the case after residents complained that “Bella” the cow and “farmer Fred” were getting filthy – as was the nearby “flying carpet” sculpture and the “rusty” metal seat beneath.

He told The Herald: “East Devon Distinct Council had them made and later tried to hand them over to Axminster Town Council but we said ‘not on your life’. We didn’t want to pick up the repair bills over the years.

“But when I contacted the property department at East Devon council a few weeks ago to ask who looked after statues and the like I drew a complete blank.

“I thought perhaps Stretscene might have had something to do with it so I tried them next but had no luck there either.

“It may be that when they closed the art department at The Knowle they filed their records of it away and forgot about it.”

“So I am continuing the chase to find out who owns poor old Bella so she and farmer Fred can have a spring.”