More money for ‘white elephant’

Ex-councillor speaks out.

So our town council has set a new precept for the next year. I realise the council has had to make some hard choices in the current financial situation and applaud that it has set the precept with some support for local organisations in mind.

But why was this discussed at an “extraordinary meeting of the town council” rather than at a policy meeting as is normal? After all, the policy committee exists to recommend on all aspects of expenditure and changes to policies and procedures.

I wonder if the reason is that at the last minute the council was asked to increase the amount set aside for the community complex from �27,000 to �36,000? That extra �9,000 would have been appreciated by a few of our local organisations, I am sure.

The yearly meeting to discuss the precept is very important indeed and thorough time should be given to all aspects of the town’s finances and needs.

Yet two or three pro-community complex councillors have unfairly hijacked the meeting to push forward their need for more and more money for this white elephant. VAT has increased, as has the interest on the loan for the best part of �1million and the site has been withdrawn.

Have they taken no notice of the town poll at all? Do they listen to us at all?

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I, for one, feel that our council should have been able to give proper and considered time to the precept and not been sidetracked into arguing at length about community complex money with two time consuming and recorded votes!

Jill McNally