Moses Keeling jailed for 10 years

A serial burglar who was taught how to raid houses when he was just eight years old has been jailed for 10 years after his latest breaks in at Seaton.

A serial burglar who was taught how to raid houses when he was just eight years old has been jailed for 10 years after his latest breaks in at Seaton.

Exeter Crown Court heard 47-year-old Moses Keeling was taught by his father how to burgle and has continued his career unabated for nearly 40 years.

He was told by Judge Graham Cottle: "You have spent a lifetime putting what you were taught by your father into practice. It is said that you have over a quarter of a century in prisons but if you embark on a life of burglary you cannot expect to see the light of day very often."

Prosecutor David Sapiecha said the two latest raids by Keeling occurred at Colyford Road, Seaton and Hillymead also in Seaton. Both properties were ransacked by Keeling who had an accomplice yet to be sentenced.

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In the raids, cash, jewellery, televisions, DVD players, a safe, a lap top computer and other electrical and household items stolen.

The owner of the first property was away in the Middle East at the time and had to be contacted by her mother who was keeping an eye on the premises. Keeling gained entry by smashing a lounge window with a paving slab. He then untidily searched every room the property before leaving with the stolen items.

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In the second raid the owners were out for just two hours but when they returned they found the back door had been jemmied. However he was arrested when he tried to cash some American dollars stolen from the safe at the post office in Honiton. His DNA was also found on gloves used in the burglaries.

The court heard that Keeling had an extensive list of previous convictions including more than 18 occasions where he had burgled people's homes.

Mitigating Gareth Evans said Keeling had become institutionalised and had been given a golden opportunity on the last occasion when he received a community order instead of three years imprisonment.

Keeling of The Burrow, Seaton pleaded guilty to the two burglaries and a breach of the community order also for burglary when fake Rolex watches and other items were stolen from an address in Seaton. On that occasion he was chased by the householder and arrested soon after the raid by the police.

Passing the sentence Judge Cottle told Keeling: "Both these offences involved an invasion of privacy and very little of the stolen property was recovered. You did not take the opportunity afforded you on the last occasion.

The judge jailed Keeling for five years for the previous burglary and added on another five for the two more recent offences making a total of 10 years in all.


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