Motorbike seized by Honiton police following reports of anti-social driving

The bike seized by police in Honiton.

The bike seized by police in Honiton. - Credit: Archant

A motorcyclist has had his bike seized by police in Honiton after they were alerted of it being used in an anti-social manner.

Officers say they received reports from concerned residents and noticed several reports surfacing on social media regarding the bike.

PC Jeanette Bassett said: “We have taken positive action against the rider of the bike, who was already subject of a Section 59 notice regarding their riding.

“Therefore the further reports gave police the power to seize the bike under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 for driving in a manner that was likely to cause distress or harassment to persons.”

A Section 59 notice can be issued by police to drivers breaching standard driving requirements.

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It lasts for 12 months and the rider will be advised that should they get caught or reported again within this time, regardless of whether that vehicle belongs to them, it will be seized and taken away.

The cost incurred with recovery and storage will be at the owner’s expense before their vehicle is released.

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PC Bassett added: “This has been a costly lesson to the owner and a realisation that we will not tolerate this kind of anti-social behaviour in our community.”

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