MP backs Axmouth HGV ban

Neil Parish calls for immediate 7.5 tonne weight limit after visiting the historic village

CALLS to ban lorries over 7.5 tonnes driving through Axmouth are being backed by local MP Neil Parish.

He pledged support after visiting the village to assess the danger to residents and historic buildings from the HGVs.

Mr Parish was shown around by East Devon District Council ward member Ian Thomas, along with members of the parish council and local residents.

They expressed their concerns about the increasing number of juggernauts pounding through Axmouth as a result of the Seaton regeneration project.

Now Mr Parish has written to the chief executive of Devon County Council backing their calls for action.

He told him: “ I support the view that a 7.5tonne weight limit, between Boshill Cross and Axe Bridge on the B3172, should be confirmed without delay. This is essential to the proper protection of historic Axmouth, its residents and visitors.

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“I would further ask the county council to review the overall local road network, with specific reference to access for HGV, and general increased traffic volumes to the Seaton regeneration site.

“I envisage such a review will recognise the need for investment in the lower Axe estuary transport infrastructure. This must produce the transport network essential to support the economic regeneration of Seaton, yet duly cognisant of the pressures on, and need to properly protect, our unique historic local villages.”

Welcoming the MP’s propsoals, Mr Thomas said: “We agree that Axmouth needs immediate protection through a 7.5tonne weight limit. I trust that previous indications will be confirmed by the East Devon HATOC on Monday March 28, at the Knowle, Sidmouth.

“We should also recognise that the transport infrastructure of the lower Axe Estuary is mediocre at best. It is essential that the position of all the estuary is reviewed as an integrated solution. I look forward to working with other local villages and parishes toward this objective.

“There will, in my view, need to be investment. We cannot simply bury our heads in the sand and ignore this. In the interim I will continue my work with Axmouth Parish Council and villagers, to ensure that the inconvenient, yet irreplaceable, village of Axmouth is not sacrificed on the altar of Seaton regeneration.”

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