MP speed-networks with carers at Westminster

MP is keen to find out what life is really like for unpaid carers.

NEIL Parish, the recently-elected Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, has been speed-networking with carers in the House of Commons.

The aim was to better understand the lives of carers. The event, inspired by the social sensation of speed-dating, meant Mr Parish had just minutes to discuss the differing experiences with a number of unpaid carers and to find out what their lives are truly like, on a daily basis.

The discussion included ways in which carers lives could be improved, through better support, recognition and advice.

The Westminster event was held as part of Carers’ Week.

New research has shown that over three-quarters, 76 per cent, of people looking after an ill, frail or disabled loved-one do not have a life outside of their caring role.

Mr Parish told the Midweek Herald: “It’s clear that many carers are sacrificing their own lives, unable to do the little things that most of us take for granted in order to carry out vital caring duties for their families and friends, and for our community. These unsung heroes are also sacrificing their own health, both physical and mental.

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“As a politician, I aim to influence and to bring about real change for carers in Tiverton and Honiton and will be raising their concerns in Westminster. We need to ensure that respite centres, such as the Bungalow Facility at Honiton Hospital, stay open. I want to give carers back their lives, their health and happiness so they can carry on doing what they do best: caring.”