MP to write to Care Quality Commission

Neil Parish concerned by issues raised during Midweek Herald’s Who cares? campaign.

NEWLY-elected Conservative MP Neil Parish is to write to the Care Quality Commission as a result of the Midweek Herald’s Who cares? campaign.

During a private meeting with editor Belinda Bennett in Honiton last Friday, Mr Parish acknowledged the issues raised during the campaign are major ones that warrant action.

He further acknowledged that private clients of domiciliary providers are saving the State money and need to be assured that industry regulators are taking a robust approach during inspections.

The Midweek Herald is calling for Care Quality Commission inspections to be toughened up, at no extra cost to taxpayers - to ensure services are judged more randomly at the point-of-delivery, with less agency input.

“The issues surround private clients using businesses to provide domestic and care services,” Belinda told Mr Parish.

“Concerns raised by my readers centre around the reliability and quality of those services.”

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Travelling times between home visits are paramount to complaints, Belinda explained.

She said stricter regulations should be put in place to ensure private clients get a better deal.

In a written statement to Mr Parish, Belinda said: “The Care Quality Commission talks about ‘expectations’.

“Let’s be clear, the expectation should be that tasks are done in the reasonable time allowed for the money paid; value for money.

“Clients don’t always know who is going to turn up, when or if at all.

“This can have serious implications for those requiring personal care and inconvenience to those who require domestic help.”