Mums cry foul over soiled Axminster playground

Dogs and toddlers using new showcase play area as a toilet, claim angry parents

AXMINSTER’S new �100,000 play area is being used as a toilet by dogs and toddlers - claim angry mums.

They say pets are being allowed into the fenced-off site to foul around the swings and climbing frames.

And one mother watched in dismay this week as a tot, aged around four, was allowed to urinate over seats used by youngsters.

The woman, who was with her two young daughters, told the Herald she had been put off taking them back.

She said. “I saw a little boy urinating in the place where children sit – going all over the seats.

“I said to him ‘you should not be doing that’ but he just said ‘yeah, I can’.”

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The shocked mum, who asked not to be named, said she confronted a group of women sat nearby, one of whom appeared to be in charge of the child.

She continued: “They just found it funny – and the fact that the boy had also tried to punch my youngest when she went to go past him.

“It mean we left early and we probably won’t be going back, which is a real shame because it is such a nice park.

“I realise policing it is a really difficult thing but you just think this puts people off going there again.”

Concern about litter and dog fouling at the showcase play area, in Millwey Rise, was also expressed shortly after its opening, in February, by Tatworth mum Claire Rodway.

She said it appeared pet owners were actually lifting their animals over the fence to let them foul there because they would not be able to get in on their own.

This week Axminster town and district councillor Douglas Hull, who sat on the panel which helped draw up plans for the playground, said Street Scene officers did regularly patrol the area.

“They go there several times a week,” he said.

“But it is much quicker if people see anything like this happening for them to get in touch with the district council straight away so they can nip anything in the bud.

“It is a real shame if people are letting their dogs in there and we definitely want signs put up, if that is happening.”

? To contact Street Scene call them on (01395) 517528 or e-mail customer services directly at