My heart bleeds for Seaton

It is a ‘dead’ town

MY heart sincerely bleeds for Seaton. The parking meters were the final nail in the 20 year coffin.

I’ve lived here, had a business in this town and I’ve watched it go from bad to worse.

I’ve been asked by holidaymakers in the town centre: “Where are the shops?”

They have gone because of no support from East Devon District Council or anyone else.

Who wants to pay to stay in a dead town?

As far as I can see, you may as well put up a sign outside Seaton saying ‘Closed, don’t come in’.

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No swimming pool, no toilets, no youth club, no Tourist Information Centre, no seats on the front (shelters). Are these people jealous of our beautiful setting or just completely mad?

We should do more to stop this madness but, with an ageing population, it’s difficult.

Maybe, another protest publicised on the local and national TV again? Don’t just give up.

Seatonians and many others are fed up with being kicked when they are down.

Audrey May

Buttercup Close