My Honiton - with Tony McCollum

Chairman of the Honiton Chamber of Commerce Tony McCollum pictured on Honiton High Street. Ref mhh 3

Chairman of the Honiton Chamber of Commerce Tony McCollum pictured on Honiton High Street. Ref mhh 31-16SH 4812. Picture: Simon Horn. - Credit: Archant

Tony McCollum, chairman of Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce, sat down to talk about Honiton…

What is your favourite building in Honiton?

I think Lloyds Bank is the best looking building in the town. But I am bit biased because I am a member of the Masonic Lodge and, one day, I would like to see it become the new Lodge, if the opportunity arose. Visually, I like the old-fashioned structure of the building and the situation of where it is.

If you could choose one retailer/shop to open in Honiton, which would it be and why?

I think for the youth of the town, we need somewhere which can bring the fashion for them to Honiton, rather than them having to go to Exeter to find the latest trend – or even clothes to fit them. A lot of people say there is nothing here for the younger generation, even down to babies. All we seem to have are shops for our seniors.

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What do you think Honiton’s biggest asset is?

To be honest, I think it’s the people of Honiton. If it were not for them, a lot of things would not get done. The voluntary work is incredible, down to the groups and to the individuals. Without them, Honiton wouldn’t function as well as it does. It is them that keeps the town running.

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How do you think Honiton can improve as a town?

What I would like to see in the town is, once EDDC move in, the appearance of the High Street improve. A lot of street furniture goes back to the ’60s and if they were updated, it would make the town look much more attractive. We need our signs to be replaced and updated with information for bus parking and I do think the town should somehow do something for the holidaymakers who come here with caravans and motorhomes. There’s potential to site these mobile homes, but instead, we haven’t acted, and they continue straight through the town to Cornwall.

Where in Honiton have you had your best-ever meal?

It’s not quite in Honiton but the Hare and Hounds wins it for me. The quality and quantity is great and the price is quite reasonable. The pub’s carvery is great and they cater for all sorts.

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