My view is shared by many, Mr Somers

And you don’t pay council tax for Honiton.

I write in reply to Mr John Somers’ letter on-line regarding Honiton Community Complex and would point out that I am the ‘one’ member of the public he refers to. Firstly, my views are shared by many - remember our Town Poll? Secondly, I note that Mr Somers does not pay his council tax in Honiton, so the extra costs would not affect him one little bit. Thirdly, the following is what I actually said at the Town Council meeting.

“It was only three weeks ago that the Town Council agreed, and I quote “that this item should be reconsidered at a future meeting when the result of EDDC discussions was known”.

“I attended that meeting as an observer and remember that discussion took place at that meeting and the previous meeting on 8 August about the possible unsuitability of the site and how this must be addressed with EDDC.

“To now take the opposite view and resolve to go out to tender and also to put in a planning application (which will cost several thousand pounds) just because EDDC’s report is going to take a little longer than first thought is short-sighted and just wrong. You really must wait until all the facts are in front of you before you start spending more of our money.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you vote to go ahead you will be reneging on your own decision and it is just not on. I urge you to show restraint, and to resolve to not go out to tender and apply for planning permission until EDDC’s report is before you and you can make an informed decision.

“If you do not, you risk isolating yourselves from the community you are supposed to represent and from whom will need plenty of financial support on this project in the future.”

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Jill McNally