Car insurance can be an annoying cost to deal with, but factors such as where you live, dashcams and adding a named driver can bring down the cost.

However, did you know your job title can often affect how much you will be paying for premiums?

Vanarama has reviewed the most expensive job titles when it comes to your car insurance in 2023.

The research was carried out on the basis of a 40-year-old “average driver” driving a VW Golf 1.5l 2020 who drives 7,600 miles per annum.

Chefs will get the worst deal, with their car insurance costing an average of £474.08 in 2023.

Midweek Herald:

However, there’s clearly a discretionary towards customer-service facing roles as a whole, as bar staff and sales assistants are both second (along with social workers and traders) – with the average insurance premium costing £474.14 for the year.

In third place are firefighters and trainers, who should expect to pay an average of £473.33 for their annual insurance premium in 2023.

For trainers, this is £20 cheaper than last year however, it’s considerably more expensive than what firefighters paid last year with it being an increase of £44.67.

Additionally, on average, Vanarama’s study found that EV drivers will pay £74 more per year for car insurance than if they were driving the average petrol or diesel, a VW Golf.

Ten job titles with the most expensive car insurance costs in 2023

1. Chef - £474.08 (-£2.96 from last year)

2. Social worker - £474.14 (-£239.66)

3. Trader - £474.14 (-£11.73)

4. Bar staff - £474.14 (-£2.90)

5. Sales assistant - £474.14 (+£25.31)

6. Trainer - £473.33 (-£20.86)

7. Firefighter - £473.33 (+£44.67)

8. Nurse - £459.65 (-£47.42)

9. Journalist - £459.65 (+£22.26)

10. Hairdresser - £456.50 (-£49.40)

In discussing their methodology Vanarama said: "Following our car insurance reports in 2020 and 2021, this 2023 update finds the latest insurance costs for the same 100 job titles over the next year. 

"To reduce the variables and focus on the discrepancy in premiums on job titles alone, all three reports have been created using the same average driver profile.

"This is outlined below and covers many factors such as the car being insured, location, relationship status and even where the car is kept at night. The only changes have been the average driver’s age each year and the number of no-claim years. 

"In all cases, the cheapest premium available was taken from MoneySuperMarket for each job title. Data gathered November 2022."