Good Morning Britain (GMB) star Susanna Reid has revealed the real reason she gave up alcohol five years ago.

The 53-year-old presenter became alcohol-free five years ago and says she is now reaping all the mental and physical benefits.

When asked by co-host Richard Madeley if the move to quit the drink was a New Year's resolution, she explained the real reason for her decision.

Susanna Reid reveals why she gave up drinking alcohol five years ago

Susanna Reid said: "I gave up drinking because a doctor said you should try giving up drinking... for the sake of your skin, and I think sometimes if you've got a different motivator other than 'I'd just like to give up drinking'.

"He said it can make you look very flushed and I was getting all sorts of breakouts as a result of drinking. Of course, if you say to someone we're going to cure your skin by giving up alcohol, that's a proper motivator.

"And then after I'd given up, if I had just one I would instantly see it on my face. It was a big demotivator for drinking."

Speaking about her sobriety, the GMB star revealed that had dropped a stone-and-a-half one year into her lifestyle decision.

The ITV presenter said that she was once a keen drinker and loved a little bit of wine, prosecco and vodka shots but drew the line at red wine.

According to The Sun, she previously revealed: “I loved the whole bacchanalian pleasure of alcohol: the fizz of prosecco, the soft bubbles of pink champagne, the rich depths of a pint of Guinness, the decadence of a shot of spirits.

"I had no issues with how it affected my behaviour — I had a lot of fun and no one got hurt.

“It’s a bit like the end of a relationship when you’re not quite ready to say it’s really over. There are times you fall back into it.

“Each time, I regretted the alcohol. It either made me grouchy or took me days to recover.”