Have you ever wondered whether it’s worth waking up in the early hours to catch a flight?

While it’s exciting to get your holiday started, an early morning get up can be less than tempting but an expert in the field has explained that it’s actually your best option if you want to have a smooth journey.

If you’re considering your next holiday, you might be weighing up your options when it comes to flight times.

To help you out, Tamara Vallois, Head of Communications at WizzAir, said an aircraft’s first flight of the day is “actually a great choice for travellers.”

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Sharing the advice, Tamara said: “While people sometimes shy away from choosing a flight that departs in the morning, ‘first wave flights’ (each aircraft’s first flight of the day) are actually a great choice for travellers.”

She explained that these early flights could mean passengers depart on time, allowing them to spend more time at their destination.

Tamara said: “These flights are statistically the most likely to depart on time, as there’s no chance of the aircraft arriving at the airport late from a previous flight and it’s already on the ground.

“First wave flights also give you the opportunity to spend more of the day at your destination, which is ideal for a quick city break when you haven’t necessarily booked much time off work to go.

“It’s also perfect for weekend getaways if you’re travelling out Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening - make the most of your holiday by spending the longest time out there you can!”

Tamara went on to explain that early flights at a certain time of year are better than others: “Flying out early is a good option for a holiday in February or March, as it maximises your amount of daylight when you arrive.

“If you’re travelling before spring has fully sprung, catching a first wave flight gives you the chance to explore at the brightest time of the day and see the country you’re visiting at its best!”

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If you’re wondering how to make the journey to the airport early in the morning easier, here are some tips.

Tamara encourages people to prepare the night before, saying: “Getting up and heading straight to the airport can be made easier and more relaxing in a variety of ways.

“Get prepared the night before and pack some of your favourite snacks to nibble on in the airport if you get peckish (I’m sure any parents who are reading know how important this is for reducing any little passengers’ ‘hanger’)!”