We’ve all been for a hair appointment and while the bustling environment can be a good place for a catch-up with your hairdresser or barber, some of us find it less appealing for a variety of reasons.

For some people, there's nothing better than sitting comfy and being pampered while putting the world to rights with plenty of gossiping but the same can't be said for everyone.

But is it rude to not engage in a conversation with your hairdresser?

On Good Morning Britain (GMB) this morning (May 17), presenters discussed their thoughts on whether they think it’s rude or not.

Kate Garraway and Rob Rinder were joined by Helen Halloum, a regular salon visitor, and Sophia Hilton, a hairdresser, and explained that while you might think everybody has a chat with their hairdresser, it’s not the case for everyone.

This comes as a salon in Finland has even set up a silent service where those attending a hair appointment can fully avoid conversations and stay silent while they get their hair done.

Sophia explained that she thinks a salon shouldn't always be silent but appreciates that some people prefer to cut the chat.

She said as a hairdresser who can spend her whole shift talking, one hour of not talking would actually give her a nice break in her eight-hour day.

However, Helen explained that she enjoys forming a connection with her hairdresser.

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Do you think it’s rude to not talk to your hairdresser at an appointment?

Let us know if you think it’s rude to avoid conversation at your hair appointment by adding your thoughts to our poll above.

GMB's official X, formerly Twitter account, also posted a poll this morning asking if it's rude not to talk to your hairdresser and some viewers commented their thoughts on the post.

The results of the GMB poll were shown on the show, with 77% of voters saying no and 23% opting for yes.

Some said they'd appreciate a silent appointment with one saying: "I always find it fascinating how people don’t pick up on body language - if I’m scrolling through my phone or reading a magazine, I want some peace & quiet! No, I’m not going anywhere nice on my holidays, but you know who is? This celebrity on page 52 & I want to read about it".

Another said: "As a mum of 2, getting my hair cut is a rarity & I yearn for the quiet so would love a silent service."

One said they are on the fence: "Personally I wouldnt be bothered either way, I go to the hairdressers numerous times without the year, I stick to the same place as im happy with it, I always talk but if there was times when we didnt I wouldnt mind as long as I got what I payed for and was happy with the service".